Tic Tac Toe

It's nice to sit down and make something nice and neat with Redstone and Command Blocks.  That's what this is.  This minigame is completely automated... it keeps track of whose turn it is and when someone wins a round.  It also manages to do this without any visible Redstone wiring or Command Blocks.  It's basically just buttons on floating blocks!  Download the world here

Portal 2 in Minecraft

Despite the lack of an actual Portal Gun, this concept has functional Companion Cubes, Portals & Gels.  It utilises 1.7 features to pull all this off.  No Resource Pack required.  Check it out!  Download here.  Tutorial/Walkthrough here.   Make sure you're on the latest snapshot.  

Pirate Cannon

Intended for some functional decoration for your pirate ship build, this Command Block driven cannon shoots out high velocity Ghast Blasts with a bonus firework effect for the cannon itself.  Custom named Fireworks balls are used as the "cannon balls" and must be dropped into the cannon for it to function.  

Download the world save here.  Note: by default, the FireBall's explosion power is set to 0, so it won't destroy any blocks.  Change it to around 4 for some devastating explosions.  Also, this is designed to only fire south.  To rotate it, you'll need to reconfigure the location and direction of the FireBalls.   

Real Time Minecraft

Ever felt like doing a Minecraft Marathon? This device will add a unique twist... Once you input your current (real life) time, the RTM Box will advance your Minecraft world's in game time at the same rate.  Play from 4pm until 9pm and you'll witness a Minecraft Sunset in real time.  No mods required.

Download the MCEdit Schematics for 1.6 and 1.7+ here

Labyrinth [Sandstone Edition] 

We decided to make a short puzzle map in the same spirit of the ones we used to play when we first began Minecraft.  Your knowledge and skill will be tested over two levels.  

Rules :

  • No breaking blocks that you haven't placed yourself (i.e.; that you haven't been given).
  • You must be in Adventure Mode. In some instances, the map won't function correctly if you're not in /gamemode 2.
  • You must play on Easy, Normal or Hard to be able to finish. The difficulty you choose will determine how hard the final boss battle is.   
  • There are 50 Diamonds to be had over the course of the map. Count how many you manage to find and let us know! Emeralds you collect will also be counted towards your final score.

Download here (no texture pack required). 

Cube World Trailer

We were instantly smitten with this beautiful voxel-based RPG from indie dev Picroma the moment we saw early footage released.  Now that it's out as an open Alpha, we've been playing (and enjoying) it quite a bit!   We decided to do up an Alpha Release Trailer to show our appreciation for this great game.  Looking forward to seeing where it goes from here!  

Special thanks to the kind Sean Walker for sending us his rendition of 'Explorers', the beautiful music you hear throughout the trailer.  Check out his SoundCloud for more.   

Minecraft 1.6 Trailer

After releasing our Trailer for 1.5, we couldn't help but continue the trend.  We decided on a western theme as soon as Horses were announced and Clay Blocks came into the game.  This is also the first time we've enlisted the help of Extras in our videos.  We sent out an invitation via Twitter and the people who were able to help out, you'll see in the Saloon.  Special thanks to them!   

Download the World and Resource Pack here

Minecraft 1.5 Trailer

Jeb sent out a tweet requesting 1.5 Trailers for the release that week.  We started on this Trailer the next day; building the world, filming, editing and producing the music all in one sitting.  We're quite fond of the result and it remains one of our most popular videos to date.  

Download the World and Texture Pack here.   

From The Far Labs

Sometimes we need to create a Redstone device for a minigame or short film in Minecraft.  Once everything is wrapped up and we feel like the device is worth sharing, we post it as a Far Labs episode.  Check these out to see a  "behind-the-scenes" of the more technical side of our projects.  

You can see the whole playlist here

Minecraft Basketball

When Hoppers were announced, we could only think of one thing: Minecraft Basketball!   We made the court and hooked up some simple circuitry to make it all work.  After we published our video, it was tweeted by Dinnerbone and then this article was tweeted by Notch himself.  

Download the World and Texture Pack here

Intel Strike

We got the idea of a snatch-and-grab mini game using custom spawners, but we wanted to make it a little more challenging.  ...So we added in location-based air strike attacks, meaning that wherever you went, TNT would be dropped on you.  Definitely ramps up the difficulty.  We built the world from re-textured Obsidian and Bedrock, making it indestructible.  The "Intel" is actually a custom textured Nether Star, which cannot be destroyed by explosions.   Play it with a group of friends.  

Download the World and Texture Pack here.