Thanks for applying to do a test-run of the first Captive Minecraft map to be pulled into modern day technology. I’ve spent the first half of the weekend working on the revamped Command Blocks, and the second half incorporating them into Captive II and doing some play-testing myself. 

There were a few things that surprised me in 1.9 - mostly to do with the way Minecraft now handles JSON. It broke all the /title effects and even some Monument rewards. I also noticed certain Command Blocks having complications depending on how I powered them - super weird. I believe I've fixed all of these issues for the time being, so hopefully you’ll have a nice smooth play through without any trouble.

As per my previous message, please be wary of the bug that has existed since Minecraft 1.8 snapshots - you may find yourself being suffocated for no reason when first entering the Nether or End dimensions. Even removing the World Border’s damage setting doesn’t help. If this happens, please take a screenshot of your death screen (with the death message) so I can pass this along to Mojang to investigate further. Typically, you can solve this by restarting your server (multiplayer) or by closing the map, then re-opening it (single player).

Before you download the map and load it up, please have a quick read through the survey below so you know what to keep in mind while you play. I’ve kept the survey as short as possible for you to fill out after you’ve played.

Have fun!

- Farlander. 



Please use latest 1.9 snapshot.


(check your Stats)
(check your Stats)
Hold 'TAB' to see the number of achievements earned per player
How many times did it happen? Did you receive the “World Border increase” message when it occurred? What seemed to be the best way to solve it for you?
Name and email once again (in case I need to ask any questions)

Thank you again for your help. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly.