Remember when Minecraft monsters were terrifying? Back when you wouldn't dare step outside at night, and the mere sight of a Creeper would make your heart skip a beat? Since the end of Beta, Minecraft has become far too easy. Sprinting allows us to easily knock back any threats, and enchanted weapons make dealing with mobs a breeze. 

Not any more.

Ultra Mobs is a vanilla Minecraft Command Block array that allows you to easily bring the terror back into Minecraft... all with the push of a single button. 


Restore the four classic Minecraft mobs back to their former glory. No mods required.

Skeletons - fitted out with impressive bows by default.

Zombies - setting new land speed records.

Creepers - fragile. Handle with care.

Spiders - quickly avenged by their smaller, cave-dwelling cousins.




  1. Always keep regular backups of your world saves. Especially when using MCEdit.
  2. Move the MCEdit schematic file into your schematics folder. Tutorial.
  3. Import the schematic into your world's 'spawn chunks' using MCEdit.
  4. Load up Minecraft, enter your world, then on the Command Blocks press the button labeled 'Setup'.
  5. Find shelter, rock back and forth.