Step right up. We've got all your explosive needs. Dynamite, Flashbang Grenades, Remote Detonators. All at the shockingly low price of free for a limited time only!


  • Entity Grenade - Timed Grenade, kills nearby entities.
  • *Stick of Dynamite - Blows up all nearby blocks when thrown. 
  • Proximity Mine - Can be placed on the ground. Any player that steps on it will trigger it.
  • Excavation Charge - Will mine all blocks in a small radius. 
  • Flashbang Grenade - Causes temporary blindness to nearby players.
  • *Holy Hand Grenade - Throw it down, then run the hell outta there.
  • *Airstrike Beacon - Creates a beam upwards, calling on a mass TNT strike from the skies.
  • C4/Remote Detonator - Drop your C4, then press Q on the Remote Detonator to detonate all nearby C4 (within 30 block radius).
  • Rocket Jump Grenade - Allows players to boost themselves to new heights. Place down, stand above and jump as the charge goes off. No damage to player. 

*block destruction

No mods required. 1.9+. 

   Will also work in regular Survival Minecraft.




  1. Always keep regular backups of your world saves. Especially when using MCEdit.
  2. Move the MCEdit schematic file into your schematics folder. Tutorial.
  3. Import the schematic into your world's 'spawn chunks' using MCEdit.
  4. Load up Minecraft, enter your world, then on the Command Blocks, press the button labeled 'Setup'.
  5. Press each weapon button to be given that explosive and test it out. You can view the commands required to give to players.
  6. Set up your mini game to give out the explosives.
  7. Give credit?


If you come across any bugs or issues, or have a question, you can reach out to @thefarlanders on Twitter.